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Movie Monday: Common Goldeneye

At Valleyview Park pond in SE Calgary, I recently saw a single Common Goldeneye chick trailing after its mother.  I took a little video of the pair.  Watch the instinctive reaction of the chick when it hears the “sputter” call of a Red-winged Blackbird.  It obviously hasn’t yet learned that this sound doesn’t mean danger!  (Sorry about the helicopter noise.)

Posted by Bob Lefebvre

Sunday Showcase: Skating Geese and more

These stunning shots were sent to us by Rosanna Evans. Thanks for sharing! Click pictures for a larger view.

Taken at Carburn Park, Calgary:

Taken at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary:

Photo Feathers: Common Goldeneye

Recently, I visited Southland Park in Southeast Calgary where I found this male Common Goldeneye drinking water on the Bow River, providing for some neat shots. The Common Goldeneye is a diving duck with a mostly white body, topped with a head that can be a visible green sheen when seen in the right light.

The white oval in between the male Common Goldeneye’s beak and his eye distinguishes him from the similar Barrow’s Goldeneye; which has a white crescent.

The first step is to lower his head into the water.

And lower…

He then tosses his head back so that the water runs down his throat.

He then swallows, repeating this method until he has quenched his thirst. This is how most birds drink.


Posted by Matthew Sim

Never a Dull Moment: Mallard Point

On Saturday, upon finally having good weather after a long winter, the Friends of Fish Creek Park group went to Mallard Point to see what could be found on the river.  There were seventeen people on the outing, which meant lots of pairs of eyes on the lookout for birds.  We saw many of the usual species, but even so, one never tires of the quirks of bird behavior.

Black-capped Chickadee excavating a nest hole…

… and emerging with a beak full of sawdust.

Male Common Goldeneye declaring his love…

…and then a pair of Goldeneyes demonstrating how diving ducks have to run on takeoff.

Male Ring-necked Pheasant chasing the female all over the island.

And for some reason it always seems odd to see Canada Geese up in the trees:


They can’t be thinking of nesting on the picnic table, can they?

We were also lucky enough to see some returning migrants:

Franklin’s Gulls.  The one on the right has a pinkish breast colour.

But the highlight was a rare bird sighting, a male Red-breasted Merganser.  These are only seen in southern Alberta on migration, and not very frequently within the city.  This was a life bird for about ten of us, and even Gus Yaki, the trip leader, said he had not seen one in Calgary for about five years.



Posted by Bob Lefebvre