Respect For Nature

Like anything else there are good and bad wildlife photographers/birders in the world. Most love wildlife and would do anything to prevent harm coming to our wild species. But there is a contingent that will do anything for a photo and their activities certainly harass wildlife.

The American Bird Association and the North American Nature Photographer Association have both prepared a statement of ethical practices, which we are happy to share with you.

We urge you to get out there and view our wild species. Please make sure they enjoy the encounter as much as you do!

Birding Ethics

Nature Photographer Ethics


2 thoughts on “Respect For Nature

  1. Where do I buy a heated bird feeder?
    I want to give some fresh water to my little visitors.
    If you could please recommend a Store and name of feeder in calgary.
    Thank you

    • You can buy heaters that plug in and that are designed specifically to put in any bird bath to keep the water from freezing. Try The Wild Bird Store on Heritage Drive and MacLeod Trail, or Fairplay Store on Kensington Road just west of Crowchild Trail. It really helps to attract the birds to provide them with fresh water.

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