Did you know…

For today’s ‘Did you know’, we feature a quick fact about the Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs.


Did You Know..

The Lesser Yellowlegs is a species of shorebird you can expect to see migrating through the prairies right now on its southbound journey. While as a single bird we can refer to both it and the Greater Yellowlegs as simply a ‘yellowlegs’, as a group they are referred to as an “incontinence” of yellowlegs.

Lesser Yellowlegs

This Lesser Yellowlegs was part of an incontinence of yellowlegs

Did you know…

Posted by Matthew Sim


I am going to try this out as a new weekly post in which I will feature a fact or two about a bird species or birding topic and hopefully with a photo included. So, for this week`s Did you know… we feature the Cedar Waxwing.


Did you know…

The Cedar Waxwing is one of the few birds in North America that can live primarily off fruit. Thanks to this eating habit, when young cowbirds are raised in Cedar Waxwing nests the cowbirds usually don`t survive because they can`t live off a diet of fruit. This is a double-edged sword for the waxwings though as sometimes they get quite drunk and can occasionally die when they eat overripe berries that are fermenting and producing alcohol.

Cedar Waxwing