Merry Christmas From Birds Calgary!

Northern Cardinal photographed in Cranbrook, BC, November 2017, by Tony LePrieur.

Below are White-tailed Ptarmigan photographed at the Highwood Pass, November 2017, by Tony LePrieur. Note the “snowshoes” in the second picture.



7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From Birds Calgary!

  1. I especially love the ptarmigan with the snowshoe photo. how often does one ever get a photo like that? Beautiful composition and bokeh and above all, beautiful bird.

  2. Happy New Year,

    As usual your photos are great. I wonder where at Highwood Pass you photographed the ptarmigan?
    near the parking lot or higher up? I think that Hwy 40 is now closed until June, right?

    • Ptarmigan are a sensitive species so we don’t like to publicize the exact locations. Apparently they have been harassed before by too many people going to see them. The highway is now closed so you could try going to the area next November before the highway closes On December 1.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I really enjoy ‘Birds Calgary’. I had no idea there were Cardinals in Western Canada. I thought they were only in Southern Ontario. I hope they make it to Southern Alberta!

    • Cardinals are seen in southern Alberta occasionally, including in Calgary. A pair has nested in the Edmonton area. They have expanded northwards in recent years, following feeders, so maybe they will become established here.

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