Peregrines at the U of C: An Update

Posted by Bob Lefebvre

In this recent post about local bird nest cameras, I mentioned that the camera at the Peregrine Falcon nest at the University of Calgary was no longer available online, and that most of the historical data was no longer available either. I have been told by the Media Relations department at the U of C that the decision to remove support was not a budget issue (as I stated), but a resource one. Libraries and Cultural Resources at the U of C are now working with Alberta Conservation Association and Biological Sciences (UCalgary) to partner and take over the project.

The good news is that the historical data about the Peregrines nesting at the U of C has been permanently archived and is available online at this link. We will have a link on our right-hand sidebar under “Calgary Nest Cameras” also.

The bad news is that the Peregrines did not return to nest at the U of C this year. The nest camera continues to be monitored by U of C staff, and if they return the camera link will be restored. (This page would have a link to the camera feed if it was live.) But since the birds are usually back here by the end of March, if they are not here yet, they are not coming. Either something happened to one of the adults, or they are nesting elsewhere.

If you know of any Peregrine Falcons nesting in Calgary, either at the Foothills Hospital, Downtown, or elsewhere, please leave a comment.

8 thoughts on “Peregrines at the U of C: An Update

  1. I am not a birder but checking photos of what peregines look like makes me think the bird I saw in my back yard eating a pigeon was a peregrine. I am near Foothills hospital. This bird has got three pigeons that I know of.

    • It would be great if they were nesting at Foothills. If you see it again, try to get a photo.

  2. The UofC falcon camera is being picked up (talks still happening) by the Alberta Conservation Association for next year. It will be back. All data is still available as well.

  3. I have recently seen at least one peregrine at the nest platform at Crowchild and Memorial.

    • Ospreys were nesting there last time I went by. I don’t think Peregrines would nest in a spot like that, though they might stop there of course.

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