Update on Swainson’s Hawk Chicks

Posted by Bob Lefebvre

Here are some more photographs, taken by Colin Nakahara, of the Swainson’s Hawk and chicks at a nest in SE Calgary. This post from last week showed the downy young in the nest. Today’s photos, taken on July 14, 21, and 29, show the growing chicks. Unfortunately one chick didn’t make it.

All photos by Colin Nakahara.

July 14 (1)

Adult Swainson’s Hawk (left) and young in the nest. July 14, 2016.

July 14 (3)

July 14, 2016.

July 14 (13)

The adult hawk, keeping an eye on Colin but appearing calm.

July 21 (23)

July 21. Another week older, and a little closer to leaving the nest.

July 21 (28)

July 21.

July 29 (3)

July 29 – adult.

July 29 (13)

July 29 – one of the chicks.

July 29 (11)

This one looks just about ready to fly. July 29.

5 thoughts on “Update on Swainson’s Hawk Chicks

    • As stated in the post, Colin took the photos from the roof of a building which is opposite the nest tree. The adult saw him and landed on the roof next to him, probably to get a better look and see if he was a threat.

  1. I wouls love to snap some of my own photos of the babies! what street is the nest on? I live in Willow Park and I ride my bike to work everyday. The other day a swainson hawk was digging its head in the gopher hole and pulled out a baby. Circle of life but man was it a sight to see!

    • I don’t think the nest is too visible from the street. Colin takes the photos from the roof of a business, which is not accessible to the public.

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