Sunday Showcase: Residents, Winter Visitors, and Overwintering Birds

Tony LePrieur photographed these birds on January 30 and 31, 2016.


Pileated Woodpecker (female), a year-round resident of Fish Creek Park.


Downy Woodpecker (male), a resident of Carburn Park.


White-winged Crossbill (female or immature), an annual winter visitor to Queen’s Park Cemetery.


White-winged Crossbill (male), Queen’s Park Cemetery.


White-winged Crossbill (female or immature), Queen’s Park Cemetery.


Varied Thrush (male), an occasionally overwintering bird, Fish Creek Park.


Varied Thrush (male), Fish Creek Park.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Showcase: Residents, Winter Visitors, and Overwintering Birds

  1. Was having a coffee last week and witnessed a raptor (if that’s correct) eating a bird. About the size of a Raven, Could that be a Merlin? I’m sure I’ve seen them in the area alongside Symons Valley road between Hanson Ranch and Stoney in the past, but I question my abilities I hope the new pathway doesn’t scare off too much, last year I saw three avocets. Seen beaver, mink, muskrat, coyotes heron waterfowl song birds and a tanager one year in there.

    • Merlins are quite a bit smaller than Ravens. Maybe a Cooper’s Hawk or Northern Goshawk, which also feed on small birds. Other raptors you might see around there in winter are Rough-legged Hawks and possibly Northern Harriers.

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