Furry Friday: Bobcat

Here’s a special Christmas Day gift to our Birds Calgary readers!


Bobcats have reported many times in the past few years in SW Calgary, especially in the Weaselhead, South Glenmore Park, North Glenmore Park, and adjacent residential neighbourhoods. On December 13, Tony LePrieur was taking photos in the Weaselhead, and was lucky enough to see three of these beautiful wild cats together. There were four in the group, according to other observers that day. It appears to be an adult female and three young.


As Tony lay down on the ground to try to get a photo of one of the cats through the bushes, one of the young ones walked right up to him to a distance of about four feet. I think you’ll agree that he got some outstanding photographs!




Season’s Greetings from Pat, Bob and Dan!!

10 thoughts on “Furry Friday: Bobcat

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  2. Love to see this cats by my self. Was to times in Calgary ( parks) in Summer. Live in Holland were we have a lot cats but not the wild ones.
    Thanks for the most splendid pictures.
    And i agree with your protest against the new park next to the Bowriver.


  3. I would love to see one of these beautiful cats for myself sometime. You’ve managed to get some excellent pictures! Really enjoyed seeing them. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Wow ,lucky guy…..its beautiful.I would have been so excited I don’t think I’d have gotten such nice pics.

  5. we had one of these beauties in our backyard a few months ago. I had the impression ours was young, but no real idea.

    I was a bit nervous and watched from a balcony, but a couple of members of the family (who shall remain nameless, grin), went outside to get pics. It stayed about ten feet from them, but did not seem at all concerned. And, it put on quite a show for them. Peeking from behind trees, stretching, laying, rolling, and more. And all this in short time, maybe a minute or two. Quite a treat in our yard.

    Am sure we as adults were fairly safe, but I did wonder if a small child had been playing outside by itself it the child might have looked like “lunch”?

    We live in Canyon Meadows.

    • I don’t think Bobcats pose any danger to humans, even children, unless cornered. They aren’t much bigger than a large domestic cat. They mostly feed on hares and smaller prey.

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