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Join us this Friday, October 30, for our monthly Calgary Birds & Beers social get-together. This month, in addition to our usual informal chatting about anything we want to discuss (mostly bird-related of course), we will be treated to a short talk about Birdsong by Gus Yaki. This will be followed by a question-and-answer and discussion of the topic. The talk will begin at about 7:30 pm, after everyone has had a chance to visit and have something to eat and drink. It’s fine to arrive late if you can’t make it at 6:00. Everyone is welcome, including children if accompanied by an adult.


A local songbird.

Birds & Beers is an informal social gathering in which you can meet other birders and talk about birding. If you wish, you can have a drink or a meal as well. Prices at the Legion are very reasonable and the food is excellent.

This month’s event will be held at our usual location:

Royal Canadian Legion, Centennial Calgary Branch #285

9202 Horton Road SW

Friday October 30, 6:00-9:00 pm

This is one block west of Macleod Trail, between Heritage Drive and Southland Drive. See the Event’s Facebook page for a map and more information.

We will be meeting in a private room in the back  of the building. When you arrive at the front lobby, the door will be locked so you will have to buzz and wait for someone to let you in. Then proceed to the back, past the food counter. There will be signs with directions.

If you haven’t attended a Birds & Beers meeting before, or have attended only once or twice, come out and hear Gus’s talk and join the discussion! We plan to have a talk each month, so if you have a topic you’d like to speak about at a future Birds & Beers, let us know.

If you are planning to attend and need directions or any more information, send us an email at

Bob Lefebvre


4 thoughts on “Birdsong Talk, and Discussion – Birds & Beers

  1. Hi

    I have had an unsual incident this afternoon and a redish bird flew into my livingroom window and ended up 3 metres away on my driveway…
    I went to try to see if I can help him or her but blood was coming out of its beak…
    I put him in a box to die peacfully…
    why did this happen?
    What kind of bird it is?
    Is this common?

    I’ve heard it happen with high rises but a bungalow window is much lower…

    thank you


    • Window strikes are common in bungalows, especially if you have feeders and highly reflective windows, or windows on both sides of the house so the bird can see right through. Sometimes they don’t strike very hard and can be revived if kept warm. I’m not sure what species it is but possibilities include House Finch, Red or White-winged Crossbill, and perhaps Pine Grosbeak.

  2. this morning saw a western mourning dove (oct 27) first time I’ve seen one in calgary
    isn’t it a bit late for them to be around

    • It is a bit late for Mourning Doves, although they have been known to overwinter here occasionally. Possibly it was a Eurasian Collared-Dove? They don’t migrate.

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