Sunday Showcase: Summer Birds

Some summer birds and mammals from Calgary, taken in late June 2015. All photos by Tony LePrieur.

image1Redhead chicks.

image2American Coot chicks and adult.

image3Male Yellow Warbler.

image4Savannah Sparrow.

image5Yellow-rumped Warbler.

image1Great Blue Heron.

image2Black-crowned Night-Heron.

image3Green-winged Teal.

image4Barn Swallow.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Showcase: Summer Birds

  1. Hi. I was looking at your american coot and wondering if that is the birds we have in a pond by our house. We live in NW in Evanston and there is a family of what looks like small, black ducks many with white beaks. When they paddle, they use “rubberneck” motion to help propel them. Really fun to watch. They often chase each other around. Probably about 12 of them. I have never noticed this bird around before. Thoughts?

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