2015 Competition

Welcome to eBird Calgary 2015! Improve your birding skills, meet like-minded birders, and enjoy Calgary’s outdoors by doing a Calgary Big Year in 2015!

This is a year-long competition in which participants will try to identify as many bird species as they can in the Calgary region. The main goal of having such a competition is to encourage more people, especially youths, to get involved in the Calgary birding community. Participants can also expect to learn a lot about the birds of the Calgary area and the many great locations to go birding here. We hope to promote the enjoyment and preservation of birds and their habitats.

Harlequin Ducks

Harlequin Ducks. Photo by Bob Lefebvre

Competitors will record their bird sightings on the eBird website, the online bird-listing database. eBird is a permanent, publicly available record of bird sightings from around the world, which anyone can access. It has become a valuable tool for birders, educators, land managers, ornithologists, conservation biologists and government environmental departments. Each contribution we make to eBird increases our knowledge and understanding of the distribution, richness and uniqueness of the biodiversity of our planet, and helps us to better understand how our environment is changing and what the consequences might be.

If you are new to eBird we will help you to start using it to record your bird sightings. Just email us at ebirdyyc@gmail.com.

The competition area is an 80-km radius circle centred on the Centre Street Bridge. This is the same circle used for the Calgary May Species Count. As you can see, it is a large area which includes many different habitat types.

80km circle - Google Earth

We have a category for youths under 16, and two categories for adults – Beginners and Experienced Birders. In addition to the year-long competition, there will be a Yard List competition and a Big Day competition. Other shorter events will be added during the year. There is a small fee to enter, and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

IMG_9427 header (2)

 Common Redpoll. Photo by Bob Lefebvre

Register now and prepare for your Big Year!


  • Registration: To register, go to this page on the Nature Calgary website: Register Here
  • Rules: For the complete rules of the competition, click here: ebird Calgary 2015 Rules
  • Waiver Form: Participants will be required to sign a waiver form, which you can view and print here: eBird Calgary 2015 Waiver
  • eBird Canada. Sign up and record your  bird sightings.
  • BirdTrax eBird yyc: See what has being reported recently in the Calgary area on eBird.
  • Contact Us: If you are interested and would like more information, contact us at ebirdyyc@gmail.com
  • Twitter: Follow us on Twitter: @ebirdyyc

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