South Glenmore Reservoir with the Friends of Fish Creek

Posted by Dan Arndt

While we had some great finds yesterday many of them were off in the distance, or low in the brush, meaning that our ability to actually document many of them were few and far between. Sadly, I didn’t get more than a handful of photos from our outing, none of them worthy for me to post. As such, I’ll be making a supplemental tomorrow to review my outing to Weed Lake on World Shorebirds Day on September 6, and maybe a few bonus photos from there from earlier in the season.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “South Glenmore Reservoir with the Friends of Fish Creek

  1. Hi Dan. I really don’t know where to start looking do I figured you might be a good start!
    I have lived in Marda Loop for over 25 years and being a fan of birds myself , I have realized that over this past month a bird that I have never heard before has become resident behind me. Sounding very tropical, mid size – as I have no binoculars here with me, a group of four can be heard everyday well into the evening. If this interests you, you can contact me.

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