5 thoughts on “Furry Friday: Winter Weasel

  1. I saw an ermine today in my backyard. It was white with a black nose & was about half to a foot long. I feed the birds & squirrels so there are mice as well. I’m glad to know that ermines like to eat mice – hopefully keeping the population down. Is there anything I can do to keep the ermine around the house?

      • Thanks for your reply! He’s a really cute little fella…I am wondering if there could be more than just the one… Do you think he’d like some peanuts?

  2. Great pictures! Isn’t that a cute little gaffer? I have one which is often in my back yard mousing on the burm only ten -twenty feet from my kitchen window. My bird feeders attract a large number of birds including small hawks and a dear saw-whet owl along with a very wide variety of sweet little mice. It is such a pleasure just to look out of the window. I could do dishes all day (almost)..

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