Happy World Sparrow Day!

Posted by Dan Arndt


Happy World Sparrow day, everyone!


male House Sparrow

male House Sparrow

According to Wikipedia, World Sparrow Day is designated to raise awareness of the plight of the House Sparrow (which is in decline in their native habitat in Europe), and other birds common to urban environments and the threats to their populations. It is observed on March 20 each year.

If you’re interested, there’s even a website dedicated to World Sparrow Day!


male House Sparrow in a parking lot

male House Sparrow in a parking lot

3 thoughts on “Happy World Sparrow Day!

  1. Wow. really? I for one and certainly not worried about house sparrow numbers.
    While they are somewhat pleasant they are still a pest. Kine like dandelions.

  2. Good Lord. If House Sparrows are in decline in Europe, what is going so wrong there that the little breeding-meisters can’t keep the numbers up?? That IS a wake-up call.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      That is a very good question, that researchers overseas and here in North America are looking at closely. It’s really hard to pinpoint a single cause at the moment though. As is the case with many things in nature, it’s a complex question and there might not be an easy answer.

      – Dan

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