Sunday Showcase: Sandhill Cranes

Rob English was lucky enough to come across these Sandhill Cranes northwest of Cochrane. He says “the male sure put a run on those geese. These two cranes were very co-operative as at one point they walked out of the marsh on to the road while I was hiding in the bushes. They finally had enough of me and flew. A real experience!”

sandhill cranes IMG_2723 IMG_2724 IMG_2725 IMG_2726 IMG_2727 IMG_2777 IMG_2783

3 thoughts on “Sunday Showcase: Sandhill Cranes

  1. They are very tame, as I learned while visiting George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Richmond B.C., although I was just standing, little anxious after reading the warnings they wandered up to me looking for handouts. Strongly recommend anyone visit.

  2. As a newcomer, I’m always thrilled to see another beautiful bird I didn’t know lived in our neck of the woods!

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