Sunday Showcase: Great Grays of Grand Valley Road

Grand Valley Road northwest of Cochrane has been a really good place to find Great Gray Owls. Logan Gibson photographed this one while it was snowing on February 25:






On March 2, Brett Mahura found three different Great Grays on Grand Valley Road:

Brett Mahura GGOW 1

Brett Mahura GGOW 3

Brett Mahura GGOW 2

4 thoughts on “Sunday Showcase: Great Grays of Grand Valley Road

  1. Hi. We are visiting Medicine Hat for Christmas. We will be here until just after new years. We are especially keen to see any of the following. Anyone know of any sightings within an hours drive any direction of the Hat, please e-mail information if you would, to adownie[at] Many thanks! Here is our “wish list”.
    Great Grey Owl, Short Eared Owl, Northern Saw Whet, Hawk Owl, Gyrfalcon, short eared owl, long eared owl. Thank you once again. Bruce.

    • Hi Bruce, I posted your comment so I hope someone will be able to help you. I did a quick search on eBird and none of those birds have been reported in that area this December. Gyrfalcon is possible during your visit. Here is a link to the Medicine Hat County page on eBird, showing this year’s sightings. You can use this page and others on eBird to search for what has been reported. Good luck!

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