Weekend Photos

Some great pics sent to us by folks out birding over the weekend!

We had an interesting Saturday afternoon at the Inglewood bird sanctuary with two unusual events.  First we had a Long-eared owl sighting, and then observed a mink “running” away from an upset nesting goose.  Byron and Cheryl

Gianfelice also had a great birding day on Saturday, with sightings of both a winter visitor and a returning spring migrant. The White-winged Crossbill and Eastern Kingbird were photographed at Weaselhead. [UPDATE: After this post went up, it was pointed out to us that the bird below is likely an Eastern Phoebe, not a kingbird. It is lacking the white tail tip, and it is very early for kingbirds to return to Calgary. Pat will no longer be making snap judgements on bird ID’s and thank you Gus for the correction!]