Owl Photos From Our Readers

Like the authors of this blog, many of our readers are huge owl fans. We’ve been sent the following photos in the last little while, and wanted to share their excitement.

From Pierpaolo Storino  “I’m an Italian Ornithologist and I stay in Calgary now because I’m studying for my Ph.D. Project. Today (Mar 18), while I was walking with my binocular in the Fish Creek Provincial Park, I saw Great Horned Owls Bubo virginianus. I was struck by that beautiful bird and I’d like to share with you a picture I took. I think I found the nest in a hollow tree near the lake; I saw the tail of the second bird (female?) brooding in the cavity.

From Kirsten Phillips of Didsbury “I was out for a drive this morning (Mar 21) and spotted this small creature near Carstairs.”