Rare Bird Alert Calgary: Sept 15

Have you seen an unusual bird in Calgary? If it is on this Reportable_Birds (PDF), please report it to the Nature Calgary Rare Bird Alert line at 403 221-4519 and leave a message after the beep at the end of the recording. If you would like some help with species identification, us email us at zoxox@shaw.ca  To report injured wildlife call the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society at 403 239-2488, or the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation at 403 946-2361.

This Bird Albert was recorded on Sep 15, 2011.

SEP 12

Orange-crowned Warbler – 21 banded at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary banding station

SEP 13

Orange-crowned Warbler – 17 as above
Pine Siskin – numerous flocks of 20+ seen coming into North Glenmore Park by Terry Korolyk

SEP 14

Yellow-rumped Warbler – 30 seen by TK at Hull’s Wood in a short space of time
Blackpoll Warbler – 1 as above
Tennessee Warbler – 1 as above
Wilson’s Warbler – 1 as above

SEP 15

Yellow-rumped Warbler – 30 seen by Bill Wilson and Ilya Povalyaev at Confederation Park
Tennessee Warbler – 2 as above
Orange-crowned Warbler – 8 as above
Blackpoll Warbler – 1 as above
American Redstart – 1 as above
Wilson’s Warbler – 7 as above
Palm Warbler – 1, as above
Pine Siskin – 30, as above

The next scheduled update of the bird alert is on Mon Sep 19.